Transformation of Self

By Kenneth A Hughes

Show me, show me what you see 

A scared little boy in a circle of uncertainty 

Whispers in the dark trees unknown 

He comes in to surrender, Alone 

Lies and sin fall from his lips 

The boulder he carries falls and splits 

Suffering and hell he sees 

Promises of Growth gossips the trees 

His head is full of confusion and doubt 

He’s cold when the stars and fire Go out 

Blazing high in the sky Sun ray falls 

Mercy from the sand he cries he calls 

Like all things in life this too shall end 

With the rain his soul begins to mend 

Gratitude washes over in crashing waves 

Inua, Spirit, uplifts and saves 

Show me, show me what you be 

A man walks out, “I’m free, I’m free!” 

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