Remember your meds. Remember you’re on meds.

By Margo Gillis

Good morning my dear, how do you feel 

Be cautious with your thoughts, they’re rarely real 

Please remember to take your meds before you start to wane 

I promise they’ll do their best to keep you sane 

But when you’ve made it through, be patient with your brain 

Please remember you’re on meds, your thoughts may refrain 

From making any sense, due to the chemical imbalance 

Oh, and don’t forget, when you chide yourself for being numb 

Remind yourself of the time you nearly bit off your thumb 

Trying to pull your mind away from the war raging inside 

By forcing your body to set its survival instincts aside 

Please take your meds before your day dear, 

They help to keep you here.

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