Taku Wind

by Sarah Page

Rays creep down the valley
Through heavy, pressing clouds
Onto the dark Gastineau Channel.
Here, the world moves so fast
Yet time has slowed.
The clouds, so fleeting
The waves, so slight
Fill me with every gust
As if it is known
The body is but a thick mesh film
Allowing separation, not distinction,
From the natural world.
The slightest crescent moon peers down
As the eagles, gulls, and ravens glide.
I too feel the breeze beneath my wings.


Sarah's picAnchorage raised Sarah Page graduated from APU in December ’13 with a Liberal Studies degree. You can usually find her singing, reading, playing outside, or traveling the world. She lives wherever she can find temporary work or hosts; always equipped with a pencil, journal, instrument, and open mind. Currently residing in Juneau, she hopes to return to APU in the fall to take a yoga teacher training course.

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