Friday , 30 January 2015
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On Success


by Evan Nasse Most people, in general, do not often measure themselves in terms of success. I have found that often times those that I ... Read More »

Ultimate Frisbee


by Brock Fitzgerald Bill Nye the Science Guy once said, “The flying disc is a wonderful thing.” Although mostly known for his bowties and children’s ... Read More »

Gut Flora


by Ashley R. Escarate Gut flora is the ecosystem made up of friendly bacteria inside your tummy. These bacteria are essential to overall wellbeing (and weight loss) and ... Read More »

Changing Winters


by Nick Jenkins Abstract: As another winter approaches with growing uncertainty, outdoor professionals across the globe are scrambling to prepare for what is sure to ... Read More »



by L. J. Bosela One misstep and she’d tumble, down the far embankment and into the river, to her death. She hated heights; they made ... Read More »

Art of APU


APU is home to many talented artists, and the Turnagain Currents will begin featuring the work of anyone who is interested in sharing their work ... Read More »


anagama edit

by Nick Treinen There are galaxies in these pots, Says Tom and we watch sparks Cluster with stars as they whirl From the chimney with ... Read More »



You caught me honey-bee I always thought I was a wasp With a grin sting, turning green In the porch light, no, though. I turned ... Read More »

Johnnie Tegstrom


by Mike Gordon Just because you’ve known someone your whole life doesn’t necessarily mean you’re friends with them. Never mind that you were raised in ... Read More »



by Megan Baker Swirls of something and nothing flow as rivers of sand in my dreams, teasing me with little glimpses of him. My daydreams ... Read More »



by Alexa Dobson Good evening, friends. My name is Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and I’d like to thank you for joining me for the thirteenth and ... Read More »

The Hired Gun


by Mike Gordon There was a motorcycle gang in Anchorage named The Brothers in the early ‘70s.  Rumor had it that when one of them ... Read More »

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