Wednesday , 4 March 2015
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by Thomas O’Harra When I got to the Truckee area last week, there was little to no snow, anywhere. The temperature was in the 50s, ... Read More »



by Brooke Hartman The aroma of day-old fish nuggets and burned Tater Tots wafted from the lunch line. I sucked in a breath, trying to ... Read More »



by Thomas O’Harra After the races last weekend in the Czech Republic, we packed everything up and drove ten hours through five different countries to ... Read More »

The Station


by Steve Rubinstein I was already worried when he took my hand to wipe at his tears. By then through the wall-high windows I noticed ... Read More »

On Racing


by Thomas O’Harra So, on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (the 3rd and 4th, respectively), I had my first two races of the championships. ... Read More »

Travel to Almaty


by Thomas O’Harra So, it seems that I’ve found myself in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I’m writing this from more than halfway across the globe, sitting in ... Read More »

On Success


by Evan Nasse Most people, in general, do not often measure themselves in terms of success. I have found that often times those that I ... Read More »

Ultimate Frisbee


by Brock Fitzgerald Bill Nye the Science Guy once said, “The flying disc is a wonderful thing.” Although mostly known for his bowties and children’s ... Read More »

Gut Flora


by Ashley R. Escarate Gut flora is the ecosystem made up of friendly bacteria inside your tummy. These bacteria are essential to overall wellbeing (and weight loss) and ... Read More »

Changing Winters


by Nick Jenkins Abstract: As another winter approaches with growing uncertainty, outdoor professionals across the globe are scrambling to prepare for what is sure to ... Read More »



by L. J. Bosela One misstep and she’d tumble, down the far embankment and into the river, to her death. She hated heights; they made ... Read More »

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