Editor: Zoe (

Zoe is a sophomore at APU where she is double majoring in Business Administration and Creative and Professional Writing. She is also a member of the APU Ski Team. In her free time, she can be found skiing and hiking in the mountains, blogging, and doodling on her assignments.

Assistant Editor: Sara Hinojosa (

Sara is a junior at APU and plans to graduate this Spring with a degree in Creative and Professional Writing. In between work and class, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and polishing up her piano playing.

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  • Dr. Esther Beth Sullivan

    Hi to Turnagain Currents!
    I haven’t checked in to the journal for awhile. I was so glad I did today. It’s great to see the updated format. And even better to see that APU writers were so productive and thoughtful in their writings this past year.

    From a fan! Keep writing!

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