by Gregg Oakley


Between the soil, tree and wind,

I have been given a job to do.

No one else seems interested

As I walk around in the street,

Picking up only what I’ve been given.


A boisterous wind blew and blew,

Just like a young boy shaking the tree

Down come the pecans.


We have been given the earth

And the earth provides for us,

A perpetual feast.


  • Jennifer Attwood

    Great job with your descriptions. I felt the breeze on my face as I was walking down the side walk — and then a pecan hit me in the face. This reminds me alot of community gardening or planting fruit trees or trees that provide something edible placed around our cities. A great way to provide for hungry people in need. This is such a free – spirited way to explain how we take care of our planet and it takes care of us. I love how you used the term “perpetual feast” at the end of your poem.

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