by Gregg Oakley


I will be saddened

As I grow older,

Not because of my age,

But because my elders,

Will be less of my elders.


Who will I look to

For wisdom and guidance?

Who will advise me

With words of experience?


Not knowledge,

Not information,

But lived wisdom.


I will be saddened

when my elders

Become less of

My elders.

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  • Mariaana Guerrero

    This is so true on the part, “Who will I look to for wisdom and guidance?” I come from one of the rural villages and a lot of our elders have passed on that had the wisdom of our ancestors. Our Yupik language is also depleting. I have so much respect for elders and wish people knew how special they are. I do hope to work with elders as patients later and gain some wisdom in person.

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