Coffee Sleeve Stories

What a Day Brings

By JoLean Fultz

I wake up

To my morning cup

Of fresh brew

To conquer this day that’s new.

With it I feel armed and steady

For the load I bare is getting heavy

The clothes I wear, the breakfast I eat,

I am ready for today, I will not face defeat.

I studied fast, for time I cannot waste

I’m going to pass, no matter how much caffeine it takes.

I am happy

Happy for this new day

A day of challenges

A day that has never been done before

A new day with you


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  • Harrison

    I really appreciate this poem’s subtlety. It implies conflict without actually telling you what the student is preparing to face. The only piece of information the reader needs is “I studied hard”. This clever line will resonate with any college student as it is a unanimous and feared struggle. The poem suggests that the student is about to head towards their exam site, but what’s special is that “I studied hard” can be applied to anything. This makes the story relatable, no matter who the reader may be.

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