Coffee Sleeve Stories

Untouched, Sacred

By Julia Ditto

In the Brooks Range, the landscape moved and breathed on a scale too slow to watch, as if time had stopped completely. Mountains weathered away, while spruce crept slowly up the rocky slopes, but I could not sense such motion. The sun never set. My 42-day trip was just a blink of an eye for the land I walked upon. I was seeing the Brooks Range as others had seen it years ago—an untouched, sacred piece of the world. May it always remain so.

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  • Harrison

    My favorite and by far the most creative aspect of this piece is how Brooks Range is described. The author describes it as a place where reality feels altered. “As if time had stopped completely” stuck out to me the most in this regard. It suggests that the range in question is a place that exceeds our understanding of natural beauty, which is a clever approach to describing a location that cannot be described by words. It gives off a “You have to see it to believe it” feel, which perfectly piques the reader’s curiosity.

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