Coffee Sleeve Stories

My Hero

by Kami Wright

She is small, sweet and loyal. Her yellow fur glistens in the sun, her large brown eyes gaze loving at me. She conducts herself with pride and dignity. No matter where we go she watches out for me, guarding and leading me: my eyes. Walking down the street, running down a path and rushing through the halls of buildings, we are one. My Nectar, she equals happiness, safety and love.

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  • Harrison

    You can feel how personal the piece is in just a few words. “Nectar” was an interesting and creative word to use in order to describe a companion. Something sweet and comforting. By far my favorite aspect of this piece is how it echoes the thoughts of anyone owns or has owned a dog in the past without making it ambiguous. Even if there wasn’t a picture you would be able to tell the author was referring to a dog right away.

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