Welcome Back to the Turnagain Currents!

Hello dear reader, and welcome to the Turnagain Currents. Whether you’re new to the website or are returning, we hope you enjoy your visit.

The Currents are a student-run media outlet that contains creative writing, photography, student essays, editorials, and more. We, the editors of the Turnagain Currents, built this website from scratch first semester of last year, and spent the second semester adding content to what we had created.  At the end of the school year, we released a print edition of the publication, which will happen annually. It was a great start for the Turnagain Currents, and a solid foundation for us to build on to.

After a long and beautiful summer, students, faculty, and staff returned to APU, and with them they brought back memories and stories to share with all. This year’s orientation of new students was a revolutionary one for APU, and the Currents will be proud to feature stories of expeditions and adventures from this new tradition. Feel free to visit us and comment about featured content, or to share some writing and art of your own. As the editors, we hope to read from you soon!


Editors Paula Cerda and Garrett Okonek

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