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Cover Photo Contest Winner!

The Turnagain Currents team would like to give a big thank you to everyone who participated in our first annual Cover Photo Contest for the eighth edition journal! We received so many amazing submissions that it made it terribly difficult for us to pick just one, but we finally narrowed it down to the top three. Congratulations to our winner, Julia Ditto!

First Place: Julia Ditto

“In the summer of 2019, Roman Dial led a 360-mile expedition across the eastern Brooks Range. The team of four undergraduates and two graduate students collected data on the advancement of white spruce treeline in the arctic. The team traveled on foot and by pack raft across the beautiful Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. “

Second Place: Alexis Rexford

“A boat crew arriving in Gambell (Sivuqaq), one of the two Siberian Yupik communities located on Saint Lawrence Island. Sivuqaq lies 36 miles from the Chukotka Peninsula where the sunsets into dawn. “

Third Place: Stanislav Moiseev

“Have you ever thought to see with your own eyes extraterrestrial landscapes? Feel the reunion with nature? There are very few such places on planet Earth, but they exist. One of these amazing points – is Alaska, a region of pristine and unchallenged nature. Freeze for a second and enjoy the incredible beauty! Feel dizzy from the endless blue and white fragments, how they attract and engage. Breathe in the fresh, frosty air! Feel the incredible calmness that you forget about in the bustle of city life. Alaska is unsurpassed beauty and incredible freedom! “

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