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Hello, welcome to the Turnagain Currents. This is an Alaska Pacific University student-run blog featuring student-generated content. Here you will find featured essays from APU classes, creative writing, editorials, and news about events impacting the APU community. There are also sections for photography, information about the APU Nordic Ski Team, and ASAPU, our student government. The Turnagain Currents will serve as a way for the APU community to express themselves and become a more connected, informed place. The Currents will also be a way for students to advance their writing skills. Writing is important because it allows a person to share their thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams in a way that is tangible.

Student media outlets like the Turnagain Currents are significant because they are easily visible to a whole community. The thoughts, information, and art posted here will be accessible to a very large group of people, which will make that content carry more weight. In addition to greater visibility of content, the Turnagain Currents is the next step in making APU community wide events known through a more sustainable outlet. In the past, our printed edition slowly lost popularity as our student body became smaller and our communication became increasingly internet based. This transition to a greener communication outlet also allows APU to share its stories with a larger public.

APU and Alaska are both unique places, and this publication serves as a way for people to share their experiences of them both. Alaska is the last frontier, a magical place where nature and the wilderness often influence the work of many. We hope that the Turnagain Currents will become APU’s place to share tales of adventure, academia, and artistic pursuits. From Chugach explorers to Alaskan based writers and artists, APU sees a bit of it all, and the Currents is the perfect place to share and read stories about each of them.

As a student funded organization, The Turnagain Currents thrives to showcase and inform the students of APU. Posts to the ASAPU clubs and our Nordic Ski Team will be updated weekly in order to truly serve the student body as a productive communication site. We aim to inform you about weekly student and community events happening around APU as well as sharing our Nordic Ski Team’s path to the finish line. This is our way to reach out to students living in Anchorage or in distant cities.

Our hope is that the Turnagain Currents continues to evolve, becoming more informative and full of content as the days go by.  Thank you for visiting, and we hope you’ll be back soon to enjoy its stories or to share some of your own!


Editors Paula and Garrett

Co-Editors Garrett Okonek and Paula Cerda enjoying their winter break in southern Texas.

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