The Dark

By Jordan Hales

I’ve always been afraid of the dark. What a cliche, I suppose. 

It just never sat right with me. Never alongside me. Always my opposed.  

I try never to be in the dark without a nightlight. You just never know what might getcha.  

The dark can be quite loud, if you ask me. Whispering turns to yelling. And it’s eerie, right?  

It’s unnerving when I can’t see two feet in front of me. Not knowing what’s in reach, or what’s not.  

The noise that festers in the dark is so unwelcoming. So… unhinged. 

And that fear and discomfort? It builds and it builds, until something is right in front of me. 

Whispering in my ear. Slithering at my feet. Holding me still. And so I get up and fight and all there’s left to do is…  

…turn on the damn lights.   

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