Garden of Prose

By Jordan Hales
Your love grew with 

Me, and my heart 

Is covered in stars. 


Every wish of mine 

Came true with you.  

Love’s funny that way. 


A love like yours 

Could make a girl 

Look up and dream. 


Dreams of every possibility. 

Dreams of such peace. 

Dreams of utter understanding. 


A love like yours 

Makes a girl put 

Pen to paper, yes. 

Yes, that’s what you 

Have done for me. 

Such peace of mind. 


The space to grow 

Alongside you for better. 

Twin flames. Twin vines.  


Reigniting a spark destined 

To blow out. Space 

Finally, finally, to breathe. 


To write all those  

Words once locked up. 

Forgotten. Unused. Discarded. Taken. 


The linguist in me 

Again, reawaken and, yes, 

Inspired. That’s my word.  


They said I’m only 

A poet when I’m sad, 

But that’s not fair. 


When I see you 

Words sprout off me 

From every which way.  

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