Coffee Sleeve Stories


By Nora Miller

My friends think it’s funny to harass him. He is the hot athletic instructor. They’ll say to him: “Gosh, could you bend over and demonstrate that again.” And: “Wow. That totally works for me when you are on your knees.” Lots of giggles. “We’re so bad, aren’t we?” Wink wink, nod, nod. These are the women that support #metoo. These are the women who believe they are feminists and advocate women’s empowerment. These are the women who hate Trump because of his misogyny. I am speechless. It seems so wrong, so hypocritical, but I am too scared to say anything.

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  • Gillian

    This is so important. I can hardly comprehend how you’ve managed to sum up the feeling behind such a huge issue in so few words. It was like a punch to the gut, how much this spoke to me. Objectifying men isn’t feminist, and women who think it is are as much a part of the problem as misogynistic men. And people don’t like to talk about it because historically men have treated women unfairly. But turning it back on them isn’t progressive, it isn’t feminist. It’s regressive and so harmful, even if it wasn’t entirely ridiculous. The sins of the father and all of that. I’m afraid to talk about it too. And you’re so, so brave to have put this out into the world.

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