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Close Call

By Garvee Tobin

I took off alone in a Cessna 172 filled with the familiar rush that accompanies solo flight. There’s such peace in being alone 2,000 feet above the ground. Here, I can view the world from a different perspective. This is why I fly. That one afternoon, my euphoria was pierced by a noise in my headset. I checked the instruments: altimeter was steady; electrical circuits working; air speed at 100kph. Then I looked out the windshield only to see a plane headed straight towards me. What if? If my headset batteries hadn’t gone out that day, what would have signaled disaster?

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  • Karl Thomas

    Wow this brought back memories. I have flown in bush planes all over Alaska and been in my fair share of crashes. I am happy to hear that you were alerted to potential danger. With so many pilots and flights in Alaska it is a danger all pilots have to be aware. Thanks for sharing.

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