Expedition Alaska Yukon Haikus

by 2015 Expedition Alaska Yukon Trip Students

Each year many freshmen who join APU leave the bustling world of society behind for a week to venture out into the wild, and take part in the Expedition Alaska Yukon trip. While on their daring journey, the students had ample time to reflect while rafting. The professors who went along came up with various activities to keep the students busy. One of these involved the students composing haikus with a natural history theme. We present some of these very special haikus here.

“Mountains gracefully
Pushing against the sky light
Basking in the clouds.”
– Matt Rhode

“The river was calm
Snow dust atop the mountains
Geology talks.”
– Logan Phipps

“Thriving in winter
While those around me perish
I’m called evergreen.”
– Erika Pezant

“Peregrine falcons
Circle the cliffs above us
We are small today.”
– Anika Vojir

“On silent Yukon
Sun at last inflames the sky
Water never stops.”
– Qifan “Edward” Yang

“The Yukon River
Is an awesome place to be
Always have to pee.”
– Jeff Caron

“Wilderness roams free
Nature causes disturbance
Life becomes renewed.”
– Kwian Landers


  • Christina

    I especially enjoyed Erika, Anika, and Edward’s haikus. These 3 really spoke to me. I too felt very small surrounded by the vast land, and mighty river. These short, lovely poems bring me back to my time spend on the Yukon River, paddling in silence, taking in the beautiful views. All of the poems above truly describe the experience. I love the thought that has been put into every single piece, and even Jeff’s fun poem! Thanks for sharing.

  • Beth

    I love haikus and these were fun to read and imagine. They were all beautiful and the second to the last one by Jeff cracked me up too. I did not want them to end!

  • MaryLou Mae Anaruk

    Reading these haikus just took me back to when I was on this trip. It was so great getting to know everyone and have amazing people to share it with. It was definitely an experience I will never forget.

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