by Annie Thorndike

Hello, friend. Are you with me?
I think about you, often,
I carefully wonder
deeply, shivering
don’t take my words as advice
for I too am lost
listen though,
ancient people sing
their voices, crack like their skin
beautiful, the sound is
to no one,
but in the deep and reverberating
cacophony, friend,
you will find dying branches
cold leaves
and hope of elegant
and aching frost
which will carry you, cleanly,
into the long and deep
silence. [divider]



Annie Thorndike is an Early Honors freshman and was born and raised in Anchorage. She is planning on attending design school after graduating. She loves movies, music, and traveling.


  • Ryan Terry

    I’m really impressed by your ability to actually write poetry! People like writing poetry because it’s thought to be easy, but because of this, most poetry is not good. You had really good imagery in the poem that made it flow really well, and it isn’t overly confusing as lots of poetry is. Beautiful piece!

  • Tonia

    I really liked this poem! I was able to relate to it which made it even more interesting for me to read. I also really liked the imagery you carried out throughout the poem, about the cold leaves. I thought this poem was very touching.

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