We are the… What are we?

by Paula Cerda

A week ago, the APU students received an electronic survey aimed at identifying our university mascot. This brought back memory of a similar discussion that occurred in 2012, but unfortunately no clear conclusions were drawn that year. The Turnagain Currents reached out to Amber Peterson, ASAPU Chair, and asked her a few questions about the renewed discussion and what we can look forward to in the search for the APU mascot.

Turnagain Currents:  How did the APU Mascot debate of 2014 begin?

Amber Peterson: ASAPU has discussed trying to figure out what APU’s mascot was for as long as I have been here (2012), and this year our board decided that it was “now or never”. We made the decision that if we did not have a mascot figured out by December 12th, then we would say that APU has and unofficial mascot, as many colleges and universities around the nation have.

TC: Who proposed the options listed in the survey?

AP: The options listed on the survey were an accumulation of student input and knowledge of past mascots of APU. The Pioneer is thought to be the mascot for AMU, but [we] have not confirmed it with any of the administration. The Viking was once the Nordic Ski Team’s mascot, and the Moose is thought to have been ASAPU’s mascot. We had student suggestions of Salmon and Malamute in the survey and of course our write-in option.

TC: When will the results be in?

AP: We have the results from the first survey. The Moose, Malamute, and Viking were the top choices in that order. We felt that there wasn’t enough of a defined favorite between the three, so we will be sending out another survey with just those three options to see which one is favored.

TC: What will happen after final results are posted?

AP: Once we get the results from the second survey I will be bringing the results to President’s Council. From there our proposal will be sent to the appropriate entities.

“I am excited to be able to be a part of this”, said Peterson.  “A mascot is a long lasting legacy that we all have a chance to imprint on. Even when we are all graduated our hard work will always represent APU. That is something we cannot pass up!” This is one of many projects that Amber has spearheaded at APU since stepping up from her original position as ASAPU vice Chair. Stay tuned for the second survey and be sure to voice your opinion: The APU Moose, Malamute, or Viking?




  • Elena Bushue

    I really enjoyed how you included your questions asked and Amber Peterson’s reply. To me, it brings strength to your article and it is easy to follow and well written. Adding the quote from Peterson in your last paragraph was a strong way to wrap things up, and your last sentence was very well concluded. I really enjoyed reading this.

  • Rachel Dunbar

    I think it is a great a idea to give Alaska Pacific University a mascot. The word “mascot” comes from the French term “masscotte” meaning lucky charm. The tradition of having a mascot dates back to the American Civil War. Many regiments kept a mascot to inspire a close knit community and keep up morale. I hope that a mascot will do the same for APU.

  • Alise Arnold

    I like your article and how it outlined a lot of questions that a lot of the students at APU have been asking. I definitely like the way you formatted the article as it was different from ones I have ready previously. I do have a question for you: you stated that once we get the results for the second survey, that then we would know our “official” mascot. When do you think this will be? By the end of this semester? Will we know when we com back from break? Possibility add a time line of events? Overall I like your topic choice, it is something that is different as well as a very exciting topic for the APU community.

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