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Art of APU

APU is home to many talented artists, and the Turnagain Currents will begin featuring the work of anyone who is interested in sharing their work with the APU community! This post features the work of Sophie Otto, Garrett Okonek, and Paula Cerda.

If you would like to contribute your art or any other content for the website, get in touch with us at


“Dolphin” by Sophie Otto.
“Whale” by Sophie Otto
“Raven” by Sophie Otto
“Elephant” by Sophie Otto
“Bear” by Sophie Otto
“Dichotomy” by Garrett Okonek
“Kanagawa Tribute” by Garrett Okonek
“Self Portrait” by Paula Cerda


  • Rachel Dunbar

    This artwork is absolutely amazing! I’m glad that APU has taken the time to showcase the artistic talents of some of the students. Many people believe that APU only the home of people who do nothing but ski, this definitely proves them wrong. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Irene Sexton

    I love how a piece was published about the artistic side of APU and their art students. The pictures were very intricate and really detailed. I think that there needs to be a description of what the photo is about or why it was drawn because some were amazing but there was no explanation on why it was drawn.

  • TeShawn Anderson-Johnson

    This artwork is beyond wonderful. I love how this article in particular takes a different take on getting APU’s artwork out there. I believe that APU’s artwork from it student goes unnoticed. I bring my family to see the artwork and they believe that more people should see it. There is an artistic side of Alaska Pacific University and i thinking this article makes that known.

  • Karl Thomas

    Beautiful artwork. Love the Raven piece. As I feel that the Raven is my spirit animal and enjoy surrounding myself with Alaska inspired Raven artwork.

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