The World Before Me

By Zoe

A two part poem.

Anemoia (n.) nostalgia for a time you have never known.

The first mountain to grow

The first river to flow

Carving the first pathway

When the sky blue not gray

Exploring the first valley

So rich and wealthy

I dream it, I yearn

For a time I’ve never known 

When the earth formed

Raging weather stormed

I’m sure that was a sight to see

Back when the world was free

The rise of forests

Before the existence of tourists

I wish I saw the Great Fire

And I’m not saying it to be satire

Or the Great Flood gate open

When glaciers used to be frozen

I am nostalgic

For a time when this place was magic

I bet the wind whistled

So loud the land trembled

But I missed the aria

So I have Anemoia.

Ellipsism (n.) a sadness that you will never know how history will turn out.

But I will never know

When will be the last rainbow

The last mountain will be gone

The last river will run 

I will never see if humanity

Fixes what they have done tragically 

Will there be a burning sun

That shines as brightly as when it begun

I hope there are oceans

That continue on without exceptions

The sky painted with clouds

Their shade welcoming crowds

The Future is unattainable

It remains invisible, unpredictable 

But it sure was an adventure

The time here it did render

It brings me great sadness 

I will fade to blackness

History will go on being made

My presence unswayed

I want to see it turn out

The world thriving, no doubt

Cursed by my own narcissism

I am left with Ellipsism.

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