The Conversation

By Anonymous 

“This just in,” the news reports 

“Renny Miles shot 25 times.” 

While watching this, I want to abort 

“Fifteen years ago, he was a man of many crimes.” 

They display his mugshot when he was 16 

I know him, our church deacon 

Super kind man, lovable, never mean 

He helped everywhere he could. 

A true light beacon 

Further reports indicate 

He was out for an 8pm stroll 

He just needed some air before he met his fate 

From his mate this is what was told 

The police felt he fit the description 

He’s black, tall, fit 

He posed no infliction 

It always happens and the police will acquit 

The news continues to express 

All his criminal history when he was a kid 

A way to justify how everyone should feel blessed 

That the cops killed him when they did 

I’ve been sad all year 

Prior to this, five other black men were killed 

The cops get a payout while the black community is in tears 

We try so hard to remain strong-willed 

My son walks in while I’m weeping 

I look up embarrassed 

“Oh my baby! I thought you were sleeping.” 

He’s caught off guard by my red eyes and stands there staring 

“What’s wrong, Mommy?” my 8-year-old asks 

“Another man dead to police brutality. 

You wouldn’t understand but preparing you for this is one of my tasks 

As I need to teach you how to avoid this in continued vitality.” 

“See, you’re cute and majestic now 

But that will all change 

As you grow older, stronger—you won’t be allowed 

To, in this life, have a fair exchange.” 

“You will be prejudged because of your skin 

They will treat you unfairly, diminish opportunity 

But please don’t allow them to dim your light within 

Any bad deed reflects on your community 

Good jobs and promotions will be hard to get 

Mortgage loan approval may be exiguous 

The oppressed history, they will forget 

And undertone stereotypes will be ambiguous.” 

My sweet son looks at me and retorts, 

“But why are you crying?” 

“Because in the opinion of public courts, 

You will always be a threat and accused of not complying.” 

“I’m crying because every day I turn on the television 

And watch a lynching thru police shooting 

And, you, as I see in my vision 

Gone as the media tarnish your image with no disputing 

My hope is that the racism could end 

If people could educate themselves of the disparities acratic 

Learning history could show where systemic racism begin 

And limit the experiences that are traumatic.” 

“I love you, my beautiful black son.” 

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