Grand Canyon: The Living Landscape

by Killian Sump

This short film attempts to protray the wonder of the Grand Canyon’s landscape through timelapse and river footage. It was filmed during a three month stint in and around the Grand Canyon region, including a packrafting trip through the whole river stretch. Narrative from Larry Stevens, from his Grand Canyon River Guidebook. Music is “Self Portrait” by Lenon.

This video is also here to get folks curious about The Canyon for the full version of Grand Water in April 2014, a larger piece mainly about the Colorado River through Grand Canyon and the impacts and future of Glen Canyon Dam, with timelapses, music, and interviews. Stay tuned at , if you are interested in getting involved, collaborate, or have any questions at all email:

Killian is originally from Portland, Oregon, but currently lives in Girdwood Alaska for his fourth consecutive year in the great northern state. It’s his senior year as a student of Environmental Studies at Alaska Pacific University. His passions include music, friends, family, ski-mountaineering, sea kayaking, river boating, climbing, backpacking, writing, meditation, travel, and photography. He is a fond observer of the natural world and enjoys sharing his love for wild and grand places with others. 


  • Martina Diamond

    You mention that the video was to get people curious about the Grand Canyon. After watching that beautiful footage of the Grand Canyon how could you not be curious. What a way to study the environment. The graphics are awesome.

  • Jared Walter

    This was really awesome. If your goal was to get people interested in the Grand Canyon I believe you definitely went well beyond that goal with this video. Sweet work, I’ll have to go and see it for myself.

  • Kellyn M.

    I have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon myself. After watching your video, I’ve just been asking myself why I haven’t done it yet. I think that your footage is really beautiful and I love your inclusion of still landscape, moving water, human activity, and wildlife. Your use of time lapse was really effective in showing the change of the canyon over the years. In addition, I also enjoyed you continual contrast of imagery. I never felt like I saw the same thing twice or that any part of it was less amazing than another. I think you’ve made a fantastic piece to get people more interested in such a significant part of the continental US.

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