J. Stalin

by Allen Ginnett

I met J. Stalin. Do you know who Stalin is? A West Oakland rapper; he rapped with the Jacka. But let me tell you how I started listening to Stalin, once upon a time in East Anchorage. When I got back to Alaska from junior college and a failed music video experiment, life started taking a different route. Mobbin’ E.A., blowin’ kush, slappin’ music is what I’m talking about. I laughed when I first heard about J. Stalin. Who is this rapper with generic, ghetto name? My friend, P, first put me on Stalin. Me and J. Miz was mobbin’ heavy to that Gas Nation and Prenuptial Agreement, the beats by the Mekanix heavy with synth bass and spacey synths (just the way I like my slaps, cuddy). Anyways, this weekend at the Mozzy concert (who I am responsible for first putting people on to up here), I sat in the parking lot while my homies went to the show. But my big homie, Prez, got me in the after party, and I was upstairs in the old lamex posted with Stalin himself. Mind you, I’m rocking the slope coat, refrigwear with the Cincinnati hat, and the Pierre Piccard timepiece; I’m lookin’ a little different than everyone else. I wanted to go up to Stalin, ask him where I could email him some beats, being the lame white kid that I am. Instead, I was patient. I just posted, and then Stalin came and dapped me up. He said, “That Cincinnati hat, that’s my favorite hate.”

I said, “I already know, bro.” Then I hit him with the classic lyrics of his 2009 classic, “Another Quelo,” featuring Shady Nate and Guce. “See me on the corner in that red Cincinnati hat!” I hollered, as the excited rapper knew exactly what I was talking about. He dapped me up again. I tried to stand but stumbled back into the chair.

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