Reconciled, Luke 15:11-3

by Aaron Tooyak

My soul deeply wrenches in anguish.
My head sinks low.
My neck breaks between my shoulders,
And lies limp near my knees.
I cover my face in shame and tug at my scalp.
I run my fingertips through my hair,
And wonder why they are still numbered.
I recall my return home, and remember how merciful my Father was –
To restore me and place me back into His Holy Service.
For I abandoned my first love,
The one who found me and called me by name.
The one who redeemed me.
For His faithfulness shall never fade.
To the savior of our fathers, of the sons, and those to come –
Praise to the Almighty King, who is worthy of eternal glory.

Til kingdom come, thy will be done. Amen.




Aaron Tooyak is the youngest of five brothers. He is 50% Inupiaq, 50% Pinoy, and 100% American.


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