Olympia Lighting

by Sean McPherson

Twin OPEN signs mark the entrance
To Olympia Lighting.
One works harder than the other.

A lone Honda Element
Sits in the parking lot
Awaiting like a well-trained dog
The return of its owner.

From across the street
The lamps in the display windows
Don’t appear to be sporting price tags.
They float and glow like the jellyfish
At the Seattle Aquarium.

A big-buttocked employee
In a black button-up
Begins turning off
The fixtures.

A poorly-lit poster taped
To the front door reads:
Happy Lights!



Sean McPherson resides in Anchorage, where he works both as a Spanish adjunct at University of Alaska Anchorage and an English Language Learners instructor at Government Hill Elementary School. He has just begun his first semester as a graduate student in Alaska Pacific University’s Master of Arts Program. Having only arrived in Alaska about six months ago from Washington, Sean pursues every opportunity he gets to explore this one-of-a-kind state. 

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  • Annie Thorndike

    Very beautiful poem. Sets a scene, reminiscent of an Edward Hopper painting. I can imagine the writer sitting in his car, driving, when he sees the lighting store and is inspired by it to the point that he must pull over. The personification of the car in the parking lot is so accurate, gives the reader perspective and truth.

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