My Hidden Love

By Colleen Bayas

When I’m exhausted and worn out, 

you share your strength

My love for you jumps over the fence.

When my life seems to be in chaos, 

you share your peace

My love for you never decreased.

When everyone seems to be my enemy, 

you are my friend

My love for you has no end.

When I’m lost and confused, 

you are my guide

My love for you is strong inside.

I must have gotten it from you the way love is

Whenever you don’t show affection, I can feel it.

It must have been the old ways that restricted us

From letting our feelings turn into words.

It must have been tough for you, mother.

New generations, different from one another

I should not have put boundaries into consideration

Hearing precious conversations for you to take in

I must have been hesitant and immature

Until then, my love for you stays hidden, not rusty

But remember this, mother

My action says, “I love you dearly.”

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