More Poems, Less Homework

by Nikolai Windahl

Robber of Gods

I drank the earth shine
To the very last drop
I became supersaturated and
Oozed light from every pore
I Breathed in the dark and
Exhaled golden fire
I bled tears of joyous magma and
Deep into the earth
I melted beyond all recognition
Recycling puddles of lifetime
I returned to the earth its shine
Finally Winter Has Come


Quietly, coldly and forming
Storming, howling and blowing
Snowily, deepening and whitening
Skiing, laughing and smiling
Freely, flying and floating
Resting, smoking and drinking
Sleeping, snoring and dreaming
Finally winter has come….


NikolaiNikolai is a Minnesota native who loves the outdoors.


  • Martina Diamond

    Sounds likes the outdoors is where its at in your poem. Sounds like you enjoy every moment you spend in the outdoors. Out of your poem I got that you where awaiting winter and you were excited when it finally arrived.

  • Tara Bales

    That’s…a lot of words ending in “ing”. In all seriousness though, an excellent way to describe winter. I’d be interested in seeing how you described summer. Perhaps even football season? 🙂

  • Elena Bushue

    I like that your wrote about the outdoors in a poem. I can certainly see that you like being outside in the winter! I like how to use winter to be a good thing in Alaska, since a lot of others certainly do not like winter. I love being outside in the snow, so I quite enjoyed to read this, and see that someone else likes it as well.

  • Kellyn M.

    I really enjoyed reading both of your poems. The first, “Robber of Gods,” was especially moving, your word choice gave me shivers and left me wanting more. However, at the same time the short, sweet length of this poem seems to fit the topic justly. The length and form of this poem seems to resemble the short life span of pleasure and the human desire to always crave more even when it leads to trouble. I specifically enjoyed the cyclic aspect of the poem, how you began with the consumption of the earth shine and end with melting and seeping into the earth, “return[ing] to the earth its shine.”

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