Mascarade of Cajole

by Jamaille Austin

I had a self-actualization precognition of prestigious amore in the dawn early morning light

As I vehemently recollected egocentric cohesive without meditative intuitive contrite

I reminisced introverted theoretical monologue referencing ethical wrongs or upright

As I relinquished a ravishing sociological companion daunting temerarious strife

I envisaged underneath pseudo arena electricity bulbs our gallant alliance transcending

Triumphing above nefarious artesian obstacles blockading the corridors of unorthodox haymaker mending

This southpaw fisticuff stance zealot conversed with the governing orchestrator of omnipotent assimilating

As unfortuitive tragedies tarnished aspirations of idyll modern day folklore persevering

I contemplated a savagery hierarchy tier of eloquent competitive brutality majestically ascending

Aligning with mesmerizing nocturnal equilateral luminous beacons that are seemingly infinite and seldom ending

As charismatic terra firma promoters relinquish narcissistic cortisol vaults for virtuous flourishing

To console a synonymous nomadic wayfarer rebel with “Sweet Science” practitioner sympathizing

For combative armament versus our esoteric nemesis of mystic gauze a façade ploy exhibiting masculinity

As human anatomy barriers are demolished by the pugalista omnivore of therapeutic totality

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