He Is

by Aaron Tooyak

His countenance is like the side of a mountain.
His thoughts are like the thickets of trees.
He rules over the bears and creeping things.
He spreads His wings like an eagle and surveys the land in justice.
He sits high on His throne, and nothing passes by His eyes.
Every living creature is under His dominion.
All of His creation follows His commands.
That which is seen is wonderful.
That which is unseen is a mystery.
He reveals Himself to those who earnestly seek Him,
And hides His face from the proud.
None seek after Him, no not one.





Aaron Tooyak is the youngest of five brothers. He is 50% Inupiaq, 50% Pinoy, and 100% American.


  • Jesse Peters

    You say that every living creature is under his dominion, but does he watch over animals who are dead as well? If every living creature is under his dominion, then why are animals still dying if they are being protected by him? Can that that is seen still be a mystery, or can that that is unseen still be wonderful? You say that those He reveals himself earnestly seek Him, but can he still reveal Himself to those who do not earnestly seek him? We all need to learn things we do not already know. I’m not quite sure how being proud means that one is not seeking Him.

  • Aponi Johnson

    Wonderful poem, well done. It is short and elegant with a freedom to interpret. Since I believe that I know who the He is it all made perfect sense. A lovely work of art.

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