Coffee Sleeve Stories

Good Talk

By Dave Onofrychuk

On the way to Kindergarten, my son tells me Batman’s the best: anyone can be like him, you don’t need any powers. “Yes,” I say, “and he doesn’t have a family or kids. So he has time for other stuff, like fighting bad guys.” And where am I going with this? That my sacrifices as a parent must be valued at every turn? That you shouldn’t have kids if you want to be awesome? “But Batman did have a kid,” he says. Remember: in The Lego Batman Movie, Bruce Wayne adopted Robin. “You’re wrong, Dad.” Yeah, I tell him. He’s right.

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  • Jaime A Martinez

    Your sacrifices as a parent should be valued, I know I value my mothers sacrifices. Everything she has done for me has made me into the man I have become today and for that I am ever grateful. But sometimes parents do tend to believe that as your kids we need to value every finger that you guys move, abide by your rules and do as you like– or would prefer us to do. Truth of the matter is that we are also humans just as yourselves and we make our own choices and maybe sometimes those decisions are not what you want from us or for us. You just have to let us fly and crash on our own a few times ok? And remember that batman did adopt robin and as much pain as robin caused him, he did love and appreciate batman.

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