Fool’s Paradise

by Édouard Ruess

Rotor blades pierce the January breeze loud enough to shatter my nightmare.
Realizing the untruth that controlled my mind,
The night is blocked.So starts another day at war.

As the vibrations fade, my eyes struggle to regain perception.
In their success, I once-over my room.

Every morning, wagering my life against death,
I walk out the door.
The sharp breath of earth fills my lungs,
Awakening every muscle in my body.

I never thought the clause I signed
Would have landed me here.

Anticipation builds for the return home.

A fool’s paradise remains my home,
Until a birds view of the city reflects in my gaze.

About the Author
8Édouard was born in Hawaii and has moved a total of sixteen times. He served in the Army for four years before deciding to study Marine Biology in Alaska. He likes vinyl records and very old maps, and hopes to one day publish a book of  short stories.


  • Tara

    Nothing will make you appreciate home more than a deployment or two. I commend your decision to pursue poetry to keep your sanity. I know how hard it is to pursue that outlet rather than go along with the crowd. Thank you for serving, and I’m glad you’re home. 🙂

    • Brandon

      “Rotor blades pierce the January breeze loud enough to shatter my nightmare” I created a mental picture reading this. Thank you for serving our country, it is said that the best type of poems come from those who experience war.

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