Falling a Little in Love with a Lot of People

by ZOE

Today I fell a little in love.

Today I looked someone in the eyes, we laughed and I felt myself fall in love.

I watched someone make a foolish joke and I fell in love.

I was having a hard day and someone hugged me tight and I fell in love.

Someone waiting outside the door for you to come out, a

silly face put on simply to make someone smile, it all made me fall just a little in love. I

fall for the sky, I fall for the stars,

for a toddler staring in awe at the world around them, I fall for it all.

What is life if not falling in love with everything around you?

When someone talks about something they love, they sparkle, they stand taller.

It is hard to not fall in love with someone who does this.

I’m falling for someone at least once a week.

Today someone read my poem and fell in love, just a little.

That is why I wrote it, so we can all fall a little in love with a lot of people.

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  • Karl Thomas

    This poem reminds me of my best friends favorite quote by Doctor Seuss “You know you are in love when you cant fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams”. Your poem is a beautiful way to remind others to “fall in love with life”.

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