Elevation Fixation

by Jamaille Austin


Narrative Poetry

I just had…
An Elegy of Opportunity-
Geological permafrost tundra-
Dreamlike rapid eye movement slumber-
Cognitive plateau summit of umbra-
Post meridiem-
Reality of psychoanalysis night scare…
I am hunted by…
An inescapable cardinal point aurora-
Near Catastrophic Pneumonia-
Anti-monetary note eudaimonia-
Viridian ink portrait mirage of horror-
Ante Meridiem-
Currency maze conundrum of despair…
A heroic extrovert of pilgrimage-
Aspiring Carpe Diem behavior-
Inspiring ambitious trade laborer-
Oxymoron news advertisement courier-
Displaying opportunities of mirage;
Ebony and ivory camouflaged-
Template transmogrified-
Into an lighter inflamed masterpiece;
Rest in Pieces…
Faulty citywide press printed-
Frivolous yet influential-
Proletariat monumental-
Educational riddled collage;
Pity me!
Alright Nah…
Clench heed of thine random-
Archaic literary grammatical-
Hysterical statements of pontificate validity…
Art thou naught ware?
Hemoglobin fluid spirals and cascades-
This pentad quart parade-
Quarter of a century aged-
Plasma hue-
Internal organ tissue muscular gue-
Permeating neurological-
Human biological-
Motor functions for thy foreboding eyne…
Wavy distorted telephonic decibels relay-
Poignant yet suspiciously ironic-
Tantalizing galvanized liaison-
Conversation of hospitality entwined-
Reoccurring rewind-
Rejection of labyrinth auricle anatomy-
Horrific heterosexual bravado-
Outlandish melodic-
Eerie nocturnal malign fiasco tunes-
Throttling out continuous revolving doom!
Sonic Baddaboom!
This uniformed mariner mulita reject-
Fantasizes striving to become a university-
Extraordinarily paradox-
Valedictorian pupil pastry culinary chef…
Batter whipping-
Pinky finger dipping-
Pan proofing-
Cake flipping-
While sample tasting radiant dough batter-
Seldom do I mixing bowl splatter-
Amidst novice kitchen personnel chatter-
As I reminisce…
Potential spooky bacteria attackers-
Young brute…
In a grinded nutmeg shell…
My yeast organism temperature always proficient-
Access the resume’!
I am a phony Alaskan Artiste!
Eastern World Continental traveler-
Minus a curvaceous camel-
Mammal saddled-
Archetypal Voyager-
Northeast Arkansan Renaissance Man!
The exemplary rival applicant had one supplementary credential-
Delirious chuckle!
Shucks soufflé!
I….have had it…up…to…here!
Sclera level!
Distinguished Gentleman palm over thy sterling shovel-
Dig a trench hair follicle high-
Then commute a chrome rim-
Foot and a half-
Elevated owned naught rented-
Sable exterior steel-
Woodgrain steering wheel-
Engineered crafted automobile-
Whitewall tire Hurst nigh-

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