By Shanice Lawton

She dreams of you every night,

Your smile still lights up her heart,

She still speaks of you as if you will walk into the room,

Your nephew is the spitting image of you he even has your humor,

The picture that hangs in my office is my favorite one of you,

When she smiles I see the tears she holds back,

She tries to be strong but I know at night she still cries,

Your birthday is in two weeks and every year she goes silent on that day,

We tell her how much we love her every chance we get,

You were worried she would be left alone when you left,

She isn’t alone and you’d be proud at how she is cared for by us,

Continue to stay in her dreams; I think that’s where she finds peace,

She misses you and one day she will be able to hold you in her arms again,

Our mother will always love you and you will never be forgotten,

Continue to rest in heaven my beautiful baby brother.


Your big sis  

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