Cutting your tongue on the words you speak

By Kenneth A. Hughes

Walking through the values you entered unto the world/ 

Fraught with nought nary a faerie, “Not Fair He!”  

These globs of stops are concluding a protruding confusing intrusive elusive notion current on the currents in motion on the Bering Sea portion of the Pacific Ocean/ 

Land meets man, meats man & plans stands for days in ways that’s it’s laid out like gout, stout as a shout/ 

This gory “Glory & hallelujah” in collusion to Illusion; losing to a lost paradise parable parked between antiquated ideas flayed and displayed in an intricate array 

The main rage on the stage is parading cascading triumvirate hues/ 

Stoned and amused 

Flowing in the muse 

Going through my views 

Objecting Incoming outgoing out showing unknowing, “into thee!” 

Flight patterns and minds scattered 

Bright nights and cheap thrills 

These fright heights and grey gills sure know the “sure know how’s” and “Us House” blues/ 

I’ve confided and chided in with the fruits of my thoughts which brought a taut lock in what wasn’t meant for keeping closed and “Hoe’d” down/ 

Barking the sharp sheer shrill trill resonating in breaking off the sloughed goo, left stewing and brewing/ 

Beat back the best part of the mourning courtesan, “He.”/ 

I write the plight of a mixed man running with & from his shadow in the dark arts of cow farts and methane, stained in a bloated blind consumeristic feeding frenzy/ 

Give me my best pain!” It’s insane and asinine/ 

Cloudy judgment abrupt enclosed engrossed & glossed over like a turgid glassy eyed walrus cast ashore/ we’re desperately vying for a coast host whose never spoke or awoke amidst the tundra breeze/ 

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