Can’t You Wait For the Weather to Warm

by Sarah Edwards

Can’t you wait for the weather to warm!

Won’t it be grand when almost everyone is smearing SPF 65 over their bodies before they exit the house?

It will be exciting to see massive storms, longer droughts, and gargantuan floods!

If you’ve always wanted to live by the beach,

You need not worry, with accelerating sea levels, you may find yourself closer to one in no time.

And if spring is your favorite season, you’re in luck

Spring is coming sooner,

Though don’t worry about the changes of earth’s ecosystems,

This will cause pollinators like those pesky little bees to die out (along with many of the crops we eat).

And with all the insects that won’t be killed off from cold temperatures,

We can expect them to flourish longer and infest our homes,

Great news for bug catchers!

With more wildfires from the rising heat, we’ll always have a readily available campfire to roast our s’mores.

What fun it will be to see people rush to create inventions to produce fresh water,

We’ll need it of course as the glaciers melt and fresh water becomes scarce.

Although, it is a pity, for those who won’t survive these changes.

But forget the deaths,

The deaths of the creatures that inhabit this planet.

With a mass extinction, earth will have niches available to create new species!

What a time to be alive in!

If humans survive that is…

But hey, can’t you wait for the weather to warm?


Sarah L. Edwards

From the scalding and dry lands of Southern California, Sarah moved to Alaska looking for adventure! In her free time Sarah enjoys painting, and other various forms of art. The ability to get lost in a seemingly impossible journey, or become entranced by sly fae, make fiction her favorite genre to read. Sarah is a young soul, still learning and grasping what it truly means to be human. Social interaction isn’t her strongest point, but she more than welcomes friendly folk to strike up a conversation.


  • Elin

    This is such a funny poem! I love the way your sarcasm just drips off the screen. The specific details used really make it come alive. A great piece with a really important message.

  • Samantha Kalarchik

    This is a great poem. Talking about climate change in a kind of sarcastic way makes this piece special. There are some people that shrug off the idea of climate change and how earth is getting warmer and warmer every year. And this poem is emphasizing the human view on warmer weather and they carelessness and ignorance about the truth.

  • Christina

    A funny, good read. I can picture everything in detail and you have a great sense of humor. I can see this poem maybe going viral for climate change awareness. Keep writing, your writing is far from boring!

  • Ryan Terry

    It is often said that sarcasm is hard to portray in writing, but you had no trouble there! This is a really great poem, and very eye-opening. Great job creating something both funny and serious with such a great message.

  • Chris Miller

    This is an awesome poem! the over arching sarcastic tone makes the paper pretty funny. This paper also does a good job touching on a wide array of climate change topics. Well done on the paper it was a very enjoyable read.

  • Aponi Johnson

    I love how there are times in this poem that the reader could almost take you seriously. The sarcasm is divine and the whole thing just reads so smoothly. I’ll definitely think back to then when soaking up the sun this summer.

  • Molly

    I loved the sarcasm. But also the underlying truth about the effects of warmer weather even though it is a bit of a stretch. Being sarcastic in poetry is quite the feat so good job at making it smooth and a fun read!

  • Christoher Miller

    This article was very sarcastic and funny in that regard. It also touches on some very serious issues while pocking fun at our societies laid back way of dealing with the problem. This was well written and was fun to read.

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