Apologies from a Procrastinator

by Sarah Edwards


If you’re anything like me, I’m sorry.

I am a procrastinator.

And it’s not because I want to be…

I swear I wanted to get that assignment in on time,

I even fantasized about getting it done early!

If I close my eyes I can picture myself handing it over to the professor, face bright with pure joy.

I’m not sure how it went from Monday to Tuesday, then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday…

If you excuse me just a second I’ll go ask Time why he’s moving so fast.

I’m sorry, but it seems I’ve lost track of him.

It’s not only school I procrastinate,

The room is still yearning to be cleaned,

It’s not like I can’t find anything, the stacks I’ve made are pretty well organized.

However, in a quiet moment, sometimes I think I hear it calling out to me.

I promise I’ll get it done – later.

I may not always be on time, and I may have no good excuse,

But as the deadline nears, I’m sprinting towards the finish line,

My nerves shaking from the caffeine I’ve inhaled.

I’m sorry for starting late, but I just had to count how many cracks were in the wall…

Then check the fridge, and might as well clean the dishes – ah, it’s time for sleep.

I had started on this poem days earlier, but if papers had screws, one was loose on this.

I had planned to fix it after an hour break, but somehow, it turned into a few days.

It’s just that – actually, how about we talk about this later?


Sarah L. EdwardsFrom the scalding and dry lands of Southern California, Sarah moved to Alaska looking for adventure! In her free time Sarah enjoys painting, and other various forms of art. The ability to get lost in a seemingly impossible journey, or become entranced by sly fae, make fiction her favorite genre to read. Sarah is a young soul, still learning and grasping what it truly means to be human. Social interaction isn’t her strongest point, but she more than welcomes friendly folk to strike up a conversation.

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  • Alison

    I totally understand how you must be feeling as I am a procrastinator myself. I am very lazy when it comes to doing certain things and if I do not like that at all, I push it to the last moment. I do not feel sorry for myself because this gives me the liberty to be myself and not worry about unimportant things.

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