Faded Snapshots: A Trio of Poems

by L.J. Bosela

Merry’s Island

In the distance, in the sun,
I see an island, all in gold
Where only silver winds can run
Forgotten in times untold.
If I might, I’ll go there
And find at last my
Long lost peace of mind.


Et Tu?
There is a haze about the moon tonight
Do you see it too?
There is an aching in my heart tonight
A void in my soul
My thoughts are consuming me
Do you feel it too?


Shades of Reality
Shadows, occupying the tables
Watching over raised books
The masses of the living
Who dwell in shades of reality.

Shadows, never speaking up
Unless they are spoken to
When others bring them
Into their shades of reality.

Shadows, with hearts broken
With wishes never expressed
To become as real as others
Who dwell in shades of reality.

Shadows, occupying the corners
Watching others in passing
Those who live unknowing
In their shades of reality.

Shadows, keeping everything within
Memorizing with pain-filled eyes
Wishing to dwell at once
In all the shades of reality.


About the Author: L.J. Bosela

LJ Bosela picL.J. Bosela was raised in Sterling on the Kenai Peninsula. She writes mostly fiction, with a special interest in fantasy in the style of Tolkien, Lewis, and McKillip. Outside of writing, she also enjoys reading, drinking tea, listening to classical and folk music, and spending time walking through woods, bookstores, and antique shops.

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