Winter Trails

by Alexa Dobson


When the snow falls heavily, my sleek, black husky mix prances like a horse. Bouncing down the trail as I slowly follow, he pauses here and there to bury his face in the snow as though he might never experience winter again. He pauses, starts digging – what has he found?
He’s earnestly nosing and pawing at the ground, in the same way a child plays with blocks. Deep in his internal programming, something is telling him to dig, inspect, satisfy the drive of curiosity. Triumphantly, he draws a small brown shape from the snow, limp, with a small pink tail.
My dog the murderer drops his prize at my feet. I’m filled with maternal pride – look what my kid can do! – and he’s satisfied that he’s done his duty. The shrew is buried in an unmarked grave by the side of the trail, and we continue on down the path.[divider]

Alexa Alexa Dobson was born and raised in Alaska, and plans on graduating from Alaska Pacific University in spring 2014. She works in physical wellness and rehabilitation, and loves to get outside in her free time.

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