The Six Year Old Inside of Me

By Allen Ginnett

My stomach was rumbling as I tried to pay attention to the teacher. I had not ate all day and I smoked a bunch of weed; this was not the feeling. “Blah, blah-blah, blah, blah-blah.” The teacher continued to talk as I sat in my chair and attempted to listen but the rumbling in stomach was too intense. It was like a baby was kicking inside me; weird. “Blah, Blah-blah, blah and I swear Allen has a six year old inside of him sometimes the way he structures his writing.” Bam, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Everything in my entire life was put in perspective with that one statement. A six year old living inside of me. This explained everything, my voice, my attitude, and of course, the stomach problems. On most days I will go without eating till the end of the day and my stomach never rumbles like this. This is more intense.

I’ve always been naive, there something very youthful and “kid-ish” me regardless of my age. I cannot have this reflect into my voice as a writer, I need to be taken seriously. The big smile on my face is always present, but I know the clock is ticking; life is real and I’m serious about it. When I’m asked a question I’m quick to naturally react and say something without thinking about it. The six year old strikes again. But you know what, there’s something to be said for this six year old inside of me. He’s not thinking, he’s doing. Analyzation is key in determining your options on this road we call life, but it can also lead to indecisiveness which can slow down your car. As human beings we must move forward to see the light. If we stop pushing, we stop receiving. Receiving, as in our daily bread. A six year even knows that; kick, whine and cry to get what they want. To be happy you must want.


Allen Ginnett is a creative writer born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. He lives life freely, finding sources of expression naturally. Past times of his include sports, music and painting.

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  • Kristen Olsen

    I can relate to this in many different ways, but for one it somewhat brings me back to my sophomore year of high school. Some days I would be thinking that what if there is a younger me inside of me? Getting all antsy about almost everything and to this day I am hitting tons of bricks just trying figuring out what I want and what I need just to make myself happy.

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