The Many Facets of Flowers

By Jordan Hales

Flowers are bright and colorful. They’re light in the dark. They’re the sun when it’s set. They’re life even after they’ve been plucked from their roots. Their floriography tells the story of each individual flower. They’re medicine and celebration. They’re grief and “Get Well.” They’re art and floral fabrics. They’re wild and assorted.

Flowers are peaceful and calming. They’re relatable. Tough and delicate. They make sense in life—in a field, a vase, in the hands of a newlywed, the ear of a child. They decorate and they grow. They bring joy and comfort.

Flowers are appropriate for every emotion and occasion. Tears from eyes and dimples next to smiles. They’re a simple gift in small moments—or extravagant in grand moments.

Flowers are many things, for many people. They’re multi-faceted. They are not static. Flowers should be admired for their ubiquitous beauty. They should be endlessly appreciated.

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