by Allison O’Leary

I hope you decide to come home one day. I hope that as the days get colder, your tiny house stays warm. I hope you treat her with kindness and patience, and your heart mends itself until the ice melts away.  I hope you can forget all the things half-said and the things we did to hurt each other. I hope you are as full of as much strength and love as the wool your mother weaves into sweaters for your father. I have so much hope for you, my sparrow. You were only trying the best that you could.

I will love you and love you and love you even when there is no more softness left. I will love you from miles and miles away. I know that will love you when we are both old and happy on our own. I will remember the red-brown of your hair and your sweater. I remember the green of eyes. I remember your dry hands. You still light up the room when you come in. I hope you can spread your wings and fly just like I will, watching the sun stream through the cracks in the trees overhead. I am only trying the best that I can.

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