by Orion Waters


Galactic Network News

“Welcome viewers to GNNT! I’m your host Jeffrey Kyte and here’s my co-host Sydney Lee. It’s 7 o’clock galactic standard time and the date is 11/21/91. Please standby for your local weather report.”

Weather APP: The weather is cloudy with a chance of rain. Back to the GNNT.

“Welcome back. Here’s a news update on the peaceful protesting on the planet of Mefisto 7. The protests turned violent today and some are calling the protestors victims of police brutality. My co-host Lee is at the scene with more details. Lee?”

“Thanks, Kyte. Behind me, you can see the aftermath of the fight between the protesters and the GP enforcers.”

Over three dozen people in handcuffs are on the ground, face down, with their hands behind their backs. A few more dozen are being treated by paramedics, with three people being put into ambulances. There are five Police with green rifles pointed downwards towards the arrestees with over a dozen more police in full riot gear and shields making a line between them and the rest of the crowd. Gas masks, leather clothes, food, soda cans, and red liquid are all over the street.

“As you, the viewing audience, can clearly see there are over three dozen injured protesters on the ground. Some are in critical condition and are being put in ambulances. Police state…”

“Lee, were any of the arrested victims affiliated with ContrAFA? Or any other known affiliates of theirs?”

“No Kyte, not that I can tell here. The police are not letting any reporters or recorder drones get anywhere near the arrestees or the ambulances.”

“Unbelievable, denying our own Sydney Lee access to the victims.”

All the protesters push each other and one walks up wearing a ContrAFA hoodie.


A police enforcer shoots him quickly and the ContrAFA hoodie turns bright orange as a policeman pushes him down face first into the pavement.

“Oh my God!”

Change the channel.


Ferrell News

“Breaking news, the ContrAFA’s so-called peaceful protest turned into an open brawl with galactic police enforcement and local officers. I’m your host Cliff Hunter. Now to our man in the field, John Jonathan. John?”

“Thanks, Cliff. As you can see behind me the peaceful protest is now nonexistent! There are people throwing things at the GPE shield wall! Moments ago, an arrested ContrAFA lashed out violently at a GPE officer and is now being restrained by local law enforcement. After this display of attempted violence, the crowd is now trying to provoke the remaining officers.”

A camera drone turns to face the police shield wall as a group of officers move up behind the shield officers with green rifles and pepper spray. Three more load tear gas launchers. Finally, a man in GPE riot gear and wearing a to Starr barre walks up with a megaphone.

“I’m commissioner Ramsay of the Galaxy Police Enforcement of the sector! You are disturbing the peace! Please cease hostilities and disperse! If you do not cease hostilities and disperse, we will be forced to use enhanced methods to keep the peace! You have 10 seconds to comply! 1… 2… 3… 4…”

Three, ten feet tall police riot bots exit the riot vans and take formation behind the commissioner as two dozen police drones with red circle marks on the front and sides take their position above the shield wall. The half crowd begins to slowly disperse, but the other half continues to throw trash and human feces at the shield wall.

“Things are heating up here, Cliff. I am going to move to a safe distance, but my drone will catch all the action so don’t worry.”

“Actually John, Farrell News just got a request from the GPE that we remove our drone from the area until tensions die down. As a law-abiding company, we will comply. But don’t worry folks we will keep you up-to-date as this story unfolds. No word from our sponsors.”


Protect your right to bear arms….

Next day. “TV, access G-web app. Vid-tube. Look up Pastry-Operator, play the newest video. Oh, cancel. Play live vid.”

“What’s up guys and gals, it’s Pastry-Operator and I am here to talk about the events yesterday, what transpired, and what in the world happened that led to the scuffle between the protesters, ContrAFA, the local police, and the GPE.

So, for those of you who are new to my channel, let me just explain that I myself used to be a local law enforcer back on Mars but I have since retired. And I just like to throw my knowledge, my two cents, into the discussion to try to clarify things that may seem extreme to those of you who haven’t been in law-enforcement. My channel is supported by donations from you guys and from the ever smaller and smaller amount that I receive from Vid-tube since you keep flagging my videos. So, what in the world happened yesterday on the world of Mefisto 7? First, let us look at the video feed from the shoulder cam on one of the local officers that was present at the start of the peaceful protest.”

A bunch of people are chanting, “Hey, don’t do budget cuts today! Let our education state stay! Hey!” They’re holding up signs that say ‘stop cutting education’ and one of them shows a cartoon, a bill holding a gun and robbing a textbook. Everyone is smiling while saying the chant over and over again, while a few people are smoking in the background while playing Hakki sack.

“So, as you can guess the protest was about a bill. The bill in question is about planet-wide cuts to education for a new construction project that… huh. That hasn’t been announced to the public yet, so yeah, I can see why some people would be pissed and protest. The bill was passed three months ago but it somehow flew under the radar of most people until it was too late. Now, the important thing here is that you can tell the protesters are across the street in a public area so they are allowed to protest there. Let’s keep watching.”

The video goes on, with protesters still chanting and showing their signs. Pastry-Operator speeds up the video to 15 minutes ahead when suddenly people show up wearing leather jackets, trench coats, gas masks, scarves around their faces, and other stuff blocking their identities. At first, they check with the other people in more aggressive tones. They see the policewoman’s hand cover the camera as she reaches for the radio. The officer calls the dispatcher.

“Suspicious characters. Their faces are concealed and they’re joining the protest. Please send backup and drones to perform overwatch, over.”

“Okay, let’s pause. So, you might be confused as to why she called for backup right off the bat, even though the obviously suspicious people haven’t done anything yet. Well, it’s no big secret that ContrAFA shows up to protests like this and that they usually cause a stir. Now, before you guys jump to profiling people, let me just point out that they are wearing the ContrAFA logo on their hoodies and trench coats and their faces are concealed in a public place while protesting. That is against the law, so that right there gives the police probable cause to call in back up. Oh, and the drones performing overwatch. Overwatch is just reconnaissance drones the police use to analyze any potential weapons that might be within the crowd. This gives them a better threat assessment. That way, they know whether or not they should call for real back up and not just a few extra guys to handle a rowdy crowd. Okay sorry, let’s start the vid again.”

Pastry-Operator fast-forwards the video by 5 minutes. More local policemen come out of the building across from the protesters, keeping an eye on the newcomers while the drones get into position.

Officer #1: “You think they’ll do anything?”

Cam Officer: “God I hope not, I’m already getting a headache from their chanting and I don’t need a bigger one from the paperwork if they pull some of their shenanigans today. We need to just keep our cool and hopefully, they’ll keep their cool.”

Officer 1#: “The ones with the masks are going to be a problem. The drone needs a clear line of sight to their faces.”

 Cam Officer: “Right, okay. Hey folks! Yeah, you guys over there with the masks! If you could be so kind as to remove them now. I’d appreciate it.”

ContrAFA #1: “Why do we need to take off our masks? It’s a free world ma.”

Cam Officer: “You have to have a permit to wear a mask in a public forum and unless you have that permit, please remove your mask, sir.”

ContrAFA #2: “No. We do not need permits to wear our masks. We’re protesting in a public space.”

The drones begin to scan people’s face. It scans the face of the only ContrAFA woman that didn’t have her mask on. She immediately looks up as the drone pulls up her Hoodie and covers her face while screaming

“I do not consent to this! This is a violation of my civil freedom! Aghhhhh!”

People in the crowd start to get restless and confused. People are trying to cover her and one of the ContrAFA throws a tin can at the drone. It misses and hits one of the officers standing by. This gets the officers attention and he goes to arrest him but mistakes a different protester for him. The officer goes to grab him but this causes the protester to freak out and people block the officer accusing him of being a bully and incompetent. Finally, one of the ContrAFA pushes the officer. The officer with the shoulder cam calls for back up. Fast forward to the scene of the arrival of the GPE.

“Let’s pause here for a moment. The GPE is a different kind of police. They’re military police basically. Well, that’s the short answer. The long answer is that they’re soldiers, but whenever they’re not in a time of war they fill out the position as police on a galactic scale and only the active duty soldiers fill positions as policemen. I mean there’s like, oh, I don’t know, there are a few hundred million or so soldiers that aren’t on active duty. They’re mostly unemployed like the rest of humanity since the machines do everything we do but better. Except they can’t bitch and complain on the G-wed that we always have. Haha, that is really depressing to think about. Anyways, if you are wondering why they look like soldiers stuffed in policemen uniforms and that those uniforms look like soldier uniforms made to look like police uniforms it’s because they’re actual soldiers. Oh, and here’s a fun little fact during a time of war, just so they don’t have to change the initials on the uniforms, they just change the meaning of the letters. It’s no longer Galaxy Police Enforcers. It’s become Galaxy, Paladins, Enforcement or something stupid like that. Anyways back to the video.”

Fast forward to where the arrested protesters are being loaded into the ambulances and the ContrAFA are on the concrete with the green painted rifles pointing at them.

“Okay, let’s pause again. For the first time viewers, you might be confused as to why police are pointing rifles at them and why they’re painted green. That’s just to signify that they are loaded with non-lethal rounds. If it’s on a shotgun, they’re using bean bags and if it’s on a rifle they’re either using rubber bullets or spice balls. Spice balls are basically super concentrated pepper spray that’s been put into a paintball. It really fuckin hurts to be hit by those. Anyways, the three protesters that we see being loaded into the ambulance were suffering from critical conditions. Two of them were suffering from allergic reactions to the tear gas and the other one was suffering from a reaction to the pepper spray. So, if the media is trying to claim that the police where committing police brutality that’s just wrong. There were just three protesters hurt and they didn’t expect the peaceful protest to turn violent. It’s not their fault nor is it the police’s fault, it’s just a bad situation for everyone involved. Now let’s talk about the scene where the ContrAFA pushes himself up and basically screams like an idiot. I saw where he was shot by the GPE officer and then he is immediately pushed down to the ground by the local officer. What the local office did was supposed to secure the arrestees and ensure that they didn’t cause harm to anyone within the perimeter. Where the vid draws the most controversy was the GPE officer that shot at the subdued arrestee. I don’t claim to know what they teach in the GPE Academy, especially for when they’re handling law enforcement stuff, but for the local law enforcement, that shot was against regulation. Unless the GPE officer though the ContrAFA arrestee was trying to make a break for it. But that’s not what happened here. I don’t know, maybe he thought he was trying to get forward after his little rant. I just don’t know. Anyway, that is all the time we have today. Let me know in the comment section down below what you think about what transpired that day. Let me know if you liked it and I’ll make another follow up vid. I’ll see you guys later. Bye!”


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