Italian Story 1 & 2

By joe

The Banana

Lena was a sport competitive host. It was my buddy Jim’s first visit to the house, and after a couple days he didn’t look too good.  So I said , “Jim what’s up?” He said, “I can’t eat another thing. I think your mom is trying to kill me.” I handed him a banana and instructed him, wherever you go hold this banana in your hand and when my mom insists on getting you something to eat show her the banana and say, “No thanks, Mrs. Sarcone, I was just going to eat this banana.”

The Biscotti

Lena was on her death bed so I said, “Mom, when you get to heaven and God offers you a biscotti don’t tell him it could have used more almonds.” She said, “Well, you know they’re not always good.” I said, “Mom, these are God’s biscotti.”

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