Chapter One – Trenches

by Orion Waters


This is bullshit. I joined this galactic shit show of an army to be the damn hero! Because I’m just that good; I was supposed to be in the officers training course, I was supposed to be climbing the ranks, I was supposed to have made the rank of master chief blowing people up from orbit, I was supposed to be in the Navy, not in these filth ridden trenches with a gunshot wound surrounded by idiots.

“Will one of you fuckin Dykes get over here and give me some god damn first aid!”

The trenches are in a chaotic mess. Soldiers, scrambling to get to their assigned firing lines and heavy turrets after the first scream of Seaman apprentice Skylur Vun of the 323rd Navy (now 501st Army infantry). The two women closest to Skylur were just manning the heavy turret. One of them was trying to ignore his screams of pain by firing a barrage of suppressing fire at the oncoming wave of cultists. Private Hanna Zulwiki, 501st Army infantry. The other woman, feeding ammo into the turret glancing at both the screaming man and her partner is Private Lisa Vogal, 501th Army infantry.

God, it’s Hanna, if you could do me a solid, please, make Skylur bleed out faster. Or let one of those tree monsters turn him into fertilizer.

“Lisa stop looking at him and pretend you can’t hear his screams over the sounds of the heavy turret.”

“But Hanna we can’t just let him die like that…”

“Will one of you fuckin Dykes get over here and give me some god damn first aid!”

God, I changed my mind bleeding out is to slow. Chuck a grenade at him.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine if he can still scream like that he can wait for Stitches.”

Suddenly, a metallic being landed 10 inches away from the screaming men. Both of them startle, Skylur who is now trying to crawl away from the robotic field medic, and Kyle Rites, Airman Basic, of the 323rd Navy flyer support (now of the 501st Army Infantry), who screamed and dove for cover hearing the moment Hanna called its name. Stitches is an interesting medic-bot. It was originally programmed to help pediatricians. That’s was Stitches original build kept children calm while the doctors looked at them. Stitches was reconfigured to be a military medic-bot all people know and fear At first, it was somewhat amusing to see this kid-friendly robot in the middle of a battlefield, but after a few shrapnel rounds tore parts of its armor, and the dirt and mud of the trenches faded and stained his paint job, Stitches now looks like a murder bot from some horror movie. It didn’t help that he still kept referring to the soldiers as children and maintained a jolly attitude as he treated their injuries.

“I’m Stitches! How can I help you today? Oh, a screaming kid in pain I have just the thing…”

“No! No! Keep that nightmare fuel away from me and get me a real doctor!”

“Ha Ha. I’m not a doctor But I’ll make sure to keep you comfortable until the real doctor can be here to assist you. Now hold still I’m just going to give you your flu shot and if you’re a good boy, you’ll get a lollipop!”

Stitches held down Skylur while his arm opened up revealing dozens of little scalpels, needles, a small drill, and of course a needle with some medical string attached to it. Stitches gives the still screaming Seaman a small shot of morphine while pulling the bullet out at the same time. then gave him another shot. He stood at attention facing the now facepalming Sergeant Gregor grim and said,

“This soldier now meets the minimum requirement for active-duty!”


  • jaime martinez

    This is awesome, honestly if you make this fantasy world into a whole book! I am definitely buying it. Specially the creepy robot stitches oh my gosh!. Definitely belongs in a creepy horror movie, with its cheery personality, yet here he is all beat up full of bullets and scratched up paint treating this wounded soldier injecting him with morphine and pulling bullets out. I loved it. I do wonder what kind of cultist we are fighting in the story. Anyways great job, awesome use of real life situations such as the trenches, bullet wounds but also sounds very futuristic and fictional.

    • Jennifer Attwood

      This is a really great futuristic, or maybe even a sci-fi type of story! I really liked the style of writing — you made me feel as if I was there. I could hear the bullets around me and the robot medic repeating its name or being jolly towards the soldiers and referring to them as children, I think that is great. I agree with Jaime’s comment — if this was made into a book series, I would be buying. With the style Mr. Orion uses, this could even be some sort of video game. Great job in your descriptions, attention to detail, and really pulling your reader into your work. Fantastic read!

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