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    Maasai Girl– excerpt from my upcoming book, “Crossing Rivers.”

    by Tim Wilson Her first mother called her Kiserian because she was a peaceful baby. She would follow her mother, as a young girl, listening carefully as her mother showed her how to check for disease and wounds in the cattle and goats. Together, they would milk the cows. After the milking and inspections, her mother would signal her brothers, who would drive the cattle out of the enclosed manyatta for grazing in the grasslands.  She would help her mother set the milk filled gourds in the sun and drop smoldering charcoal in each to maximize the curdling process during the day. She would often sit with her mother on…

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    A Winter Adventure

    By Emma Walker   For the better part of my childhood (and by childhood, I mean age five or so to the present day), anytime I was cold for more than about an hour, I absolutely insisted I was being frostbitten. Despite my tendency toward melodrama, I have always enjoyed cold weather activities, even the ones I suspected might result in frostbite. And so, armed with approximately 4,000 calories per day, I was excited for a ten-day expedition into the Alaskan Interior for Winter Wilderness Skills, a block course offered in January at APU. In order to mentally prepare myself for a week and a half of frigid, sleepless nights,…

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    Welcome to the Turnagain Currents

    Hello, welcome to the Turnagain Currents. This is an Alaska Pacific University student-run blog featuring student-generated content. Here you will find featured essays from APU classes, creative writing, editorials, and news about events impacting the APU community. There are also sections for photography, information about the APU Nordic Ski Team, and ASAPU, our student government. The Turnagain Currents will serve as a way for the APU community to express themselves and become a more connected, informed place. The Currents will also be a way for students to advance their writing skills. Writing is important because it allows a person to share their thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams in a way…

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    APU Log

    On Thursday, December 6th at 1pm, ASAPU president Erica Stoddard and others stood beside the APU Log to share some thoughts and remembrances on the day the log was being retired as the primary signpost welcoming Alaskans and visitors to the campus. The face of the log will hopefully be salvaged here this winter and if all goes as planned, be returned in the spring or summer to adorn the face of Grant Hall as a work of preserved artwork. A new sign is now in place. Please watch the video of the installation of the new APU sign below.