Along the Way: Chapter 0

by Nick Jenkins

It all began at a Halloween party in 2012. I (Nick) was dressed as a vintage mountaineer and Sean was an incredibly convincing Chewbacca. We were talking about classes we planned to take the following semester and I told Sean about a directed study I was developing where I filmed and edited a feature-length ski movie. Sean, who had always been my primary backcountry skiing partner, jumped at the idea immediately and we sealed our newly formed partnership with a disgusting jello shot.

For the next few months we scrambled to get all the necessary paperwork pushed through the university and filed with the state. Since we were trying to get academic credit though APU we had to meticulously write a risk management plan, get waivers signed, and get our project approved through the deans office before the start of the new semester.

In January 2013 Sean and I became 50/50 partners of Foxes Den Productions LLC, opened business bank accounts, secured a meager line of credit, and began purchasing the gear for our first feature film. That April we premiered Along the Way, an hour-long ski epic, to an energetic crowd at the Grant Hall Theater. The film was divided into 5 distinct chapters, each detailing a different part of our season. This is Chapter 0, Introduction.

Dance like the snow depends on it.
Nick Jenkins

Chapter 0 – Introduction from Foxes Den Productions on Vimeo.

Nick Jenkins Author PhotoNick Jenkins is a master’s student at Alaska Pacific University. He likes deep pow and dinosaur puzzles.

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