• Nonfiction

    First Ascent

    By Samuel Henderson Have you ever stood atop a remote mountain and wondered how many other humans have stood there before you? There’s something truly unique and special about standing in a precarious location looking down upon nothing but raw nature, -not a soul insight. For that moment standing atop a mountain peak, you have a completely unique view that changes ever so quickly with the weather. Standing on the summit of a large mountain is a time limited gift, often well earned through your own physical, mental, and emotional strength. Throughout history large mountains have been natural barriers, borders for both weather and invading militaries alike. They can offer…

  • Nonfiction

    “It’s Loud Up Here”

    By Jordan Hales How do you know what to write? Where do the ideas come from? From what is your inspiration pulled? Do you stare at the wall until it tells you what to write? Do you ask Pinterest for writing prompts? Do you wait until someone tells you what to write? How do you know what to write? How does an artist decide what to paint? How does a songwriter find her muse? How does an architect know where to start? How does a dancer know which way to move and shape their body? How does a writer know what to write? How do I—as a writer—know what to…

  • Nonfiction

    The Many Facets of Flowers

    By Jordan Hales Flowers are bright and colorful. They’re light in the dark. They’re the sun when it’s set. They’re life even after they’ve been plucked from their roots. Their floriography tells the story of each individual flower. They’re medicine and celebration. They’re grief and “Get Well.” They’re art and floral fabrics. They’re wild and assorted. Flowers are peaceful and calming. They’re relatable. Tough and delicate. They make sense in life—in a field, a vase, in the hands of a newlywed, the ear of a child. They decorate and they grow. They bring joy and comfort. Flowers are appropriate for every emotion and occasion. Tears from eyes and dimples next…

  • Nonfiction

    The Knight in Shining Earrings

    By Maria Capezio Crookes The years 1999 and 2000 were not kind to me, and I was not kind to myself. My best friend, Rut, was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma at 19, I dropped out of my first attempt to go to school, my abuelito died, I broke up with my abusive high school boyfriend, I felt lost and a failure. At least I was able to accompany Rut for the first part of her Chemo treatments (she is now Dr. Rut, has been in remission for several years, and has a beautiful family). During that time, I read a lot, and tried to figure out what to do next.…

  • Poetry

    This Life

    By Corey Zeedar I look across the lake. I see the green trees, blooming with life.  I hear the birds chirping  In the distance a mother bear hunting for salmon to feed to her nearby cub’s. I see an eagle overhead, scouting over the land.  all is right in this world; everything has its way of life. Though, just ahead of this beautiful idealistic world, in this world of ours. There is pain, death, loss of beautiful full-grown trees.  This world has been burned and charred.   There are no trees. There is no vegetation.  There is no wildlife. There is no life. I see smoke, charred carcasses I see smoldering…

  • Poetry

    You Old Dog

    By Miles Dennis You were born, one among many, and from the very start You were never alone Your mother and your siblings were all you knew A dune of moving fur to roll on and wrestle with Though you hurt each other On needle-teeth Bites and scratches Your orange coats never showed red Because it was all play, your children’s games And one day they were gone They picked you up and Carried you away and They were frightening and You missed mother and All your brethren and yet The ones who took you Loved you all the same They held you and Sat for hours in that warm…

  • Nonfiction

    The Haircut

    By Mario Jose F Vinoya Content Warning: animal abuse It was January 31, 2022, a bright sunny Monday over the city of Anchorage, with cold winds of 10 degrees. I was only supposed to be gone for an hour and a half, only to get a haircut from my friend during the early morning of 11 am. The haircut was supposed to be a new change for me, as I was starting in-person on the school campus the following week. I had excitement in my stomach to meet new people and try a new look. I was done with these thin strands of Asian hair on my head because it…

  • Poetry

    The World Before Me

    By Zoe A two part poem. Anemoia (n.) nostalgia for a time you have never known. The first mountain to grow The first river to flow Carving the first pathway When the sky blue not gray Exploring the first valley So rich and wealthy I dream it, I yearn For a time I’ve never known  When the earth formed Raging weather stormed I’m sure that was a sight to see Back when the world was free The rise of forests Before the existence of tourists I wish I saw the Great Fire And I’m not saying it to be satire Or the Great Flood gate open When glaciers used to…

  • Coffee Sleeve Stories


    By Steve Rubinstein  A woman on her way  to a barn with two buckets-   one empty for warm foaming   milk- one yesterday’s dinner   for pigs.  Behind her a girl only   dreaming a cow all her own  beneath which to kneel  warm dung. moist hay  touching softly the udder   to hum.  Before them a cow  one horn turned down,   black fur as a moon-poor night,   yellow stripe down her length   behind her a calf   looking forward.  Up here is a farm owned by a woman  no longer sleeping in Winter  worried when darkness   runs snowed ridges   her cow chewing cud   in the cold.